We're in love with the beachy aesthetic from Disney's latest animated movie, Moana, and we're all about Moana herself, so we knew we had to plan an outfit based on her style (and share it with you of course!).

Let's get started with accessories 😍

1. We're considering these tropical flower earrings a must-have for this outfit. 🌺


It doesn't look like Moana's ears are pierced, but if yours are, definitely add this accessory to your outfit. How could you resist adding more flowers to your day?

Pick these flowers up at Claire's for $10.

2. This necklace is key to perfecting your Moana-inspired look.


Moana's necklace is 100% unique (just like you 😃). Lucky us that we can match her style with some carefully made look-alikes!

This necklace washed up on Etsy for $20.

Now, let's get to the clothes!

3. You'll need a light, warm-weather ready, tank top (orange, please!)

American Eagle

Moana's top is hard to match, but anything orange will work. (Extra points if you can find something patterned!

Snag this stylish tank from American Eagle for $15.

Or hunt for this perfect Moana look alike on Poshmark.

4. Some fabulous lace shorts


Grass skirts aren't in right now (and they probably aren't terribly comfortable in most climates!), so we're adapting our new favorite Disney heroine's outfit with these awesome, airy, lace shorts.

You can grab a pair of these shorts from Walmart for about $13.

5. And some strappy leather (or leatherish) sandals!

Forever 21

Moana runs around barefoot, but we don't always have that luxury. We decided to complete this outfit with some comfy and cool sandals.

You can find these sandals at Forever 21 for $18.

How are you rocking Moana's style? Let us know!