It has been ten week of dancing as some of the world’s greatest dancers worked to prove that they deserved the title of World’s Best Dancer. Last night, with only three acts left, we found out jut who was the best in the world. 

The World Final

The three remaining acts, Les Twins, Swing Latino, and Eva Igo each performed twice. The average of the scores would determine their place in the competition. Oh, and one of their songs was chosen for them.

Les Twins

For their first performance, Les Twins put all of their fears and injuries behind them to performance routine that showed off their moves and told the audience that they knew they stole the show.

Their second performance had us seeing double! (Not because there are two of them.) They made use of mirrors, optical illusions, and their own twin dynamics to create something crazy and energetic. 

Swing Latino

Swing Latino took the stage for their first performance covered in sequins and ready to throw dancers through the air to victory. Dancing to "Conga," the song chosen for them by Derek, they put on a sparkly circus show.

In their second performance, Swing Latino danced on chairs and tables. Boy, do we want to attend that dinner party! (Maybe, we might get thrown through the air.)

Eva Igo

Given a song that took her out of her comfort zone, Eva's first performance was a testament to her power and strength as a performer. When he gave her the song, Ne-Yo told her to give it her own meaning, and she did. Taking her emotions of feeling closed off and melting away like ice, she expressed her new maturity in her routine. 

For her final World of Dance performance, Eva lit the stage on fire with a routine that told a story about strength and survival. If you thought that Eva couldn't show us anything new at this point in the competition, you were wrong.

The Winner

As the second performances were scored and averaged with the first, the tension was heavy. Eva Igo's score was enough to keep her in the competition after Swing Latino scored just 0.4 points below her. Les Twins knew that Eva's performance could be the one that could put them in second place, but after putting everything they had on the stage, they took home the prize, beating Eva by 0.2 points.

Who did you want to win? Let us know!