Last night, marked the beginning of the second to last round in the competition, the Divisional Final. With only two acts left in each division, the competition is getting intense. We can’t handle the suspense!

Team Division

In this round, the two acts competing in the Team Division were mentored by JLo as they prepared their best performances yet. Technicality and creativity versus wild and explosive energy, Kinjaz was up against Swing Latino in this dance battle.

Continuing with their influence from ninja culture, Kinjaz took the stage with a heartfelt performance about struggle and coming together to succeed. Swing Latino took a similar approach, putting together a routine with the help of JLo that represented the shared culture of Latino people everywhere. If anyone knows how to turn a stage into a party, it's Swing Latino. This was a party. 

In the end, Swing Latino's passion overtook Kinjaz' stealthy and calculated style, sending Kinjaz home and Swing Latino on to the World Final.

Upper Division

Mentored by Ne-Yo, the Upper Division was made up of two dynamic duos, the wondrous Les Twins and everyone's favorite lovebirds Keone and Mari. 

Keone and Mari always bring a story to the stage. This story was a classic, literally. Done in the style of silent movies, the two appeared in black and white to tell a sweet, Frank Sinatra accompanied love story. There were so many things that made this performance amazing. Clearly, Ne-Yo saw them all because he gave them a perfect score of 100!

While Les Twins were putting together their routine, Laurent twisted his leg leaving the twins with a tough decision. Continue on or leave the competition because of the injury? They decided to stick with it and put together a routine that compensated for one less leg. Their performance told the story of two people living different lives, but feeling the same way.

Two beautiful dance stories, one winner, the divisional champions in the Upper Division were Les Twins. 

Junior Divison

Diana Pombo and Eva Igo were all that was left of the Junior Division. Mentored by Derek Hough, each dancer put together a routine that they thought displayed how they were truly feeling at this stage in the competition.

Diana wanted to put on a dance full of youth and wonder(land) to show people that dance wasn't all serious emotions. It's fun! However, even with her playful song and set, her face still showed a more serious set of emotions creating a disconnect for the judges.

Eva let go of her insecurities ready to fight for her spot in the final round of the competition. In a haunting and dramatic dance, Eva performed in a dilapidated playground scene. She showed her warrior side, proving that she is competing to win.

Eva fought, and she won, filling the final slot in the lineup for the final round. 

Next week, the remaining three acts will take the stage and dance it out for the million dollar prize in the World Final. Can you contain your excitement?