Last night, all of the dancers that made it through the Qualifiers moved on to Round 2, the Duels. These dance battles put the competitors head to head to eliminate half of the acts. The remaining half will move on to Round 3, the Cut.

Fik-Shun VS Nick Daniels

Showstopper's own fantastic freestyler, Fik-Shun, had the second-highest score in the upper division of competitors. He chose to go against fellow soloist and contemporary dancer Nick Daniels. Fik-Shun's performance was fast moving, intricate, and overall amazing (as expected). The judges were blown away by his musicality and surprising moves. Nick Daniels brought every "wow moment" he could to the stage, knowing that it was his flexibility against Fik-Shun's improvisation skills. With that in mind, Nick put on an emotional performance that showcased his strength and flexibility. 


Fik-Shun won his duel. But, despite his victory, he was humble, bringing up Nick's arm to cheer with him. "You are freaking amazing!" He said to the young dancer and gave him a hug. 

Swing Latino VS The Miami All Stars

Both of these large teams went in confident that they would sway the judges in their favor. Swing Latino continued to showcase their death-defying tricks in an energetic, all-around-fabulous salsa routine. Then it was the Miami All Stars turn to take the stage with a swing routine full of flips, twirls, and wild kicks worthy of Broadway. The crowd went wild. Even Swing Latino cheered on their competitors. 

THE WINNER: Swing Latino

Both teams came together in a giant group hug after the winner was announced, and even the judges were surprised by the outcome. Swing Latino and the Miami All Stars both did so well. It could have gone either way. JLo asked Swing Latino, "Are you going to just keep throwing women through the air until you win?" It looks like they are.

Eva Igo VS Kyntay

Named "the duel of the tiny powerhouses" by Derek Hough, this dance battle brought surprisingly strong Eva Igo against the hip-hop sensation Kyntay. Kyndall boldly said of her and her partner's duet, "We are a force to be reckoned with." And they are. The duo has toured with Janet Jackson, and they definitely know their way around a stage. Their routine was perfectly in sync and super sassy. However, Eva did not seem shaken by Kyntay's fame. Her routine was a complete juxtaposition to Kyntay's, fluid and elegant. Her clean movements and command over her body and the stage more than made up for her lack of a partner. 


Proving that two isn't necessarily better than one, Eva won her duel against Kyntay and is set to move on to the next round. 

Quick Style VS Keone & Mari

This duel had a surprising twist; Keone and Mari are the former teachers of Quick Style. In an intense battle of teacher versus student, these two groups went head to head in the final duel of the night. Keone and Mari took the stage with a relatable and close (literally) performance in which the couple told a story about romance in the digital age. Quick Style had a different approach. With their boy band aesthetic, they set out to make their teachers proud. They had the audience falling in love with every shoulder shimmy in their fast and cool performance. 

THE WINNER: Keone & Mari

In the end, Keone and Mari won the duel against their students, and the "dopest boy band" Derek Hough has ever seen went home. 

When the night ended and we were finally able to stop biting our nails, four competitors went home, and four amazing acts are set to move on to the next round. We couldn't be more excited for next week!

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