With just 15 acts remaining, World of Dance has moved into Round 3, The Cut. During this round, the three divisions will each be mentored by one of the celebrity judges in preparation for performances that will determine which two groups out of each division will move forward. There are two new elements to this round, a leaderboard that displays the scores of the competitors as they perform and shows who has been cut and a new judge – Misty Copeland!

Junior Division

The Junior Division of the competition was mentored by JLo who gave all of her dancers advice on how to infuse their performances not only with their own perfect technique, but also extra personal elements that would set them apart.

The round began with Diana Pombo. Diana wanted her performance to be about rising up and letting go. She did that and more. Her routine was an outstanding representation of the lyrics she was performing, and it showed a vulnerability and deep connection to the movements she was making. The judges were beyond impressed with Diana who clearly brought herself to the next level.

Imma Beast and the Mihacevich sisters followed Diana with a wildly energetic routine and an emotional performance. The Mihocevich sisters brought the performance into their living room as they danced with a couch. Reminiscent of childhood, growing up, and the true love of family, the sisters definitely came back from their less stellar performance last week. While both of these groups were incredible, the Mihacevich sisters scored higher and sent Imma Beast home. 

A group of tiny dynamos, The Lab put together a routine that showed their personality and unity. What did we learn from their routine? Fierce + Disco = The Lab. From charm to acrobatics, these talented young dancers brought it all out on the dance floor and set the Mihacevich Sisters home. 

The last Junior Division competitor to take the stage was Eva Igo. Eva's greatest strength is her strength, but she knew that to take her performance to the next level, she needed to bring emotion into her performance. Cloaked in satin like a boxer heading into a fight, Eva paired up with her strength to battle her insecurities. Her performance was dark and illuminating, healing and deeply emotional. (We're not crying! You are!)

Eva's performance sent The Lab home and pushed Diana Pombo into second on the leaderboard. (Are we surprised? Not really. Are we still crying? Uh, yeah.) 

Team Division

The Team Divison put together with the guidance of Ne-Yo. He seemed to want to show the teams that their performances need to be clean, big, and give feeling to the audience.

The teams started off with Swing Latino. The group came in to put some swing in our salsa step. Swing Latino is extravagant, and they know how to throw a party. That's exactly what they planned to do as they put together their performance. The passionate group shed their sparkles to throw a Colombian street party on stage. But even without sparkles, Swing Latino still brought a whole lot of razzle dazzle. 

Super Cr3w followed everyone's favorite salsa dancers with a routine that translated their life experiences into dance moves. Their performance was full of vulnerability - and hip hop, of course. However, even with the extra infusion of emotion, their synchronicity was slightly off and may have affected their score. 

With two Team Division scores on the leader board, we are left with a cliffhanger. It looks like we'll have to wait until next week to find out which teams survive the cut.