This dramatic round of duels had us on the edge of our seats this week. All of our favorite contestants went in, but only half of the acts went on to the third round of the competition. Who were you rooting for?

Diana Pombo VS The Posse

Both Diana and The Posse made JLo emotional with their Qualifiers performances. These two acts both have major girl power, and we couldn't pick a favorite. The Posse gave JLo "so many feels" with another powerful performance about breaking free. Diana, however, had JLo grabbing on to Ne-Yo and Derek as she delivered a professional and dramatic performance. 

THE WINNER: Diana Pombo

Diana chose to duel The Posse because she wanted a challenge, and she certainly overcame that challenge. She won her duel and is now ready to move on to Round 3. 

Super Cr3w VS Royal Flux

The perfectly in sync b-boys of Super Cr3w impressed the judges during the Qualifiers with their surprising song choices (and their moves, of course) while Royal Flux proved themselves to be a dynamic contemporary group worthy of the competition. Super Cr3w went in confident with an energetic and sparkly Michael Jackson routine that made us wish the b-boys were also a boy band. Royal Flux followed with some new moves of their own. They brought an energy to the stage that matched their competition, bringing their own magic in hopes of beating their prestigious opposition.  

THE WINNER: Super Cr3w

Royal Flux gave it their all, but in the end, their glittery competition won. Despite their victory, Super Cr3w had nothing but compliments for their contemporary competitors.

The Lab VS Boys of Temecula

We've been waiting to watch The Lab perform since their exciting Qualifiers performance. The Boys of Temecula had us equally excited for their clean technique. The Lab took the stage ready to win with a boxing-themed performance that was as fun to watch as it was technically spectacular. The Boys of Temecula were flashy, fun, and surprising in a colorful and confident routine that matched The Lab's explosive energy.


The Boys of Temecula pulled out all the stops in their performance, but The Lab's wild chemistry kept them in the competition and sent them forward to Round 3 while the Boys of Temecula went home. 

Les Twins VS Kyle Van Newkirk

In the final duel of the episode, Les Twins took on tap dancer Kyle Van Newkirk. The tap dancer came out on stage looking spiffy and ready to win. If the audience members weren't fans of tap before, they are now. Les Twins performed a routine that drew attention not only to their skill but also to their duality and their connection as twins and partners.


JLo was beyond surprised by Les Twins performance, so it's no surprise that they moved on to the next round, but what was surprising was the deeply heartfelt compliment they gave Kyle when Ne-Yo asked why they chose to duel him. 

Can't get enough?

Some of our favorites from last week, Koine & Mari have a small move of the week for us to learn! We'll be having a subtle dance party while we wait for next week's episode.