Are you a talented tapper? A hip hop pro? Take the quiz and find out!

  1. 1 What would your friends say is your signature dance move?

    1. Buffalos, ball changes, and glides. All. Day.
    2. I honestly pirouette more than I walk
    3. Just one move?! I can’t choose! There’s locking, whipping, moonwalking...
    4. Anything that expresses what I’m feeling or saying at the moment. I love to accompany my words with dance moves (and sometimes even a song or two!)
  2. 2 OMG! Your idol just invited you to lunch... what do you tell your BFF?!

    1. Seriously might have a cow because I’m having lunch with a lamb tomorrow! Mary Ann Lamb, that is!
    2. I’m gonna have to shuffle plans around because HAYLEY MAC JUST INVITED ME TO LUNCH!
    3. Literally leaping for joy. Arielle Elonys and I are grabbing lunch on Saturday!
    4. UHHH you won’t believe me when I tell you who invited me to lunch, but I swear it’s not fiction. It’s FIK-SHUN.
  3. 3 We think Cinderella is a story about how much your life can change thanks to a pair of shoes. What shoes do you consider life-changing?

    1. An amazing pair of high tops could change my life, for sure.
    2. I don’t really love to wear shoes. I like feeling free and being able to move my feet however I want.
    3. Anything that lets me add a little sass to my step!
    4. Any shoes that can make noise! You’ll find me making beats with my feet anywhere I go!
  4. 4 When you aren’t dancing, people can most likely find you...

    1. Drumming my fingers, clicking my pen, anything that makes a fun beat!
    2. Singing and acting are my other passions!
    3. Rapping along to all of today’s most popular hits.
    4. Reading and writing! Anything that allows me to express my emotions.
  5. 5 Snow day! You get to Netflix binge alllll day. What do you pick?!

    1. America’s Best Dance Crew is my guilty pleasure. Or maybe Step Up: The Streets!
    2. Time to binge watch every musical I own.
    3. I’m feelin’ sappy so I’ll definitely choose some love stories that bring on the emotions.
    4. New movies are great, but old movies are better. It might be snowin’ but Singin’ in the Rain is calling my name.
  6. 6 When you’re jamming out in your room with a hairbrush microphone, what music are you listening to?

    1. Anything with a good beat! I love old school stuff like Frank Sinatra!
    2. Depends on my mood. Anything from MC Hammer and Michael Jackson to Beyoncé and Missy!
    3. Definitely something that expresses emotions and feelings! Where better to listen to that than in your room?!
    4. Anything I can sing and dance to at the same time! Preferably something from Broadway!

What Kind of Dancer Are You?

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  1. Quiz result

    Talented Tapper

    You can’t go anywhere without tapping your feet. Whether you’re at the grocery store, in the school hallway, or on the dance floor, you’re probably shuffle ball-changing. You feel the beat of the music more than anything and your dancing shows it!
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  2. Quiz result

    Contemporary Genius

    Anytime you hear a song, you immediately pick up on the feeling behind it. You probably even start to choreograph a dance in your head to bring the music to life. You tend to feel the soul behind a song and you likely love dance because it allows you to express yourself.
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  3. Quiz result

    Hip Hop Pro

    You know all of the trendiest dance moves faster than all of your friends and always stay up to date on the latest music. Whenever a song comes on you tend to focus on the bass of the music and you allow it to influence your body movements so it looks like the music is moving you.
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  4. Quiz result

    Musical Theater Maven

    You love drama (and not in a bad way!) You just think it adds a little something extra to life. Whether you’re in the car, in the shower, or hanging out with friends, you’re likely belting out a tune. You tend to focus the most on the lyrics of a song (so you can sing along, of course!)
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