1. 1 How do you pick out your dance practice clothes?

    1. You just throw it in your bag the morning before school.
    2. You pick it out the night before
  2. 2 How does the inside of your dance bag look?

    1. Girlll lets just not talk about it
    2. Everything is in its proper place
  3. 3 What’s your go to style?

    1. Whatever my mood of the day is.
    2. Super classy aka Blair Waldorf

What Dance-wear Style Are You?

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  1. Quiz result


    If you answered mostly A you are definitely a funky diva. You pretty much go with the flow. Nothing is ever planned but you still look cute. One day you’ll rock a tutu and the next you're down with cool sweats and super bright accessories to add a pop of color.
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  2. Quiz result

    Perfectly Prim

    If you answered majority B, you are definitely the prim and proper dancer at practice. You like for everything to match and be well put together. You like to prepare everything beforehand, and prefer to look uniformed while practicing.
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