You probably remember blorange hair from earlier this year, and tons of other hair trends have since followed. As summer approaches, the color orange is coming back for a new look.

This is tangerine hair.

You might be thinking, "...that's just orange."

#tangerinehair ♥️

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But tangerine hair is a bit more than that. For the style to qualify as tangerine hair, it can be any combination of warm colors.

Neon yellow and tangerine against a black base in warm indoor light.

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So, red, orange, or yellow (or any combination of the three) plus natural hair colors of course.

  1. Are you ready to get citrus locks with this new hair trend?

    1. I think I'll stick with some of the other trends.
    2. Yes! I'm all about it.
    3. Isn't this basically just blorange again?
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