Everyone loves Colour Pop for its exciting line, its great quality, and its affordable prices. Now, there’s something new to love them for – their partnership with Sephora! Entering Sephora without a price change, Colour Pop will replace Sephora’s own beauty brand as the cheapest line in their stores when Colour Pop products enter Sephora stores in November.

Of course, the beauty world has been rocked by this announcement. Previously, this affordable brand has only been available online. Making the move into Sephora stores will give shoppers easier access to one of their favorite brands just in time for the holidays. 

What else could this lead to? Well, we know the sky is the limit with Colour Pop's innovation. Who knows, maybe will end up with a Sephora exclusive line.😍 All we know is that we have until November to save up for a Colour Pop shopping spree at Sephora come November. 🛍