This Morning Routine will Help You do Anything

It's time to get up and go!

The way you start your morning can influence how your entire day unfolds. We know that sounds really important, and that’s because it is! To have a successful day, you first need to have a successful morning. Here are some things that can help you get your morning routine in check and work toward more productive days.

1. Wake Up on Time ⏰


This might seem obvious, but it can also be the hardest part of a person's morning routine. Hitting the snooze just one time is one step back from having a successful productive day. Why? Sleep is tricky. If you sleep enough, you will feel great and energized, but if you sleep too little or even too much, you will feel groggy and unmotivated. Don't let the snooze button let you cross the line from energized to unmotivated. The easiest way to wake up on time? Go to bed on time. You're less likely to feel the need to whack the snooze if you are getting enough sleep.

2. Exercise 🏃‍♀️


Even if you just stretch and do a handful of jumping jacks in the morning, including exercise in your routine is important. Exercising stimulates your brain and makes you feel more energized, two important things you need if you want to tackle the day.

3. Create a To-do List 📝


If you have a lot of things to do, this might seem a daunting, but creating a to-do list can help you prioritize and organize the things you need to get done so that you can work more effectively. You can even turn your to-do list into a full schedule if you really want to plan out your day. The important thing, though, is that you figure out what you need to do and what is most important. 

4. Read! 📖


Many of the world's most successful people swear by cramming as much reading into their free time as possible. Whether you read the news while you are brushing your teeth or sneak in a few pages during lunch, add reading into your daily routine. It might not seem like it, but reading engages your mind, encourages you to think, and, of course, expands your vocabulary!

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