This is my coach, my dance instructor, my friend, my hero!

By: DancerBri0816


Note from the Editors: This teacher spotlight goes out to Mrs. Abigail Brinegar. Abigail is a dance teacher at Encore School of Dance and Music in Kentucky. DancerBri0816, one of her students, submitted her inspiring story to share with everyone. "My dance coach, Mrs. Abigail Brinegar, treats all of her dancers like they are her children. She and her husband, Branden Brinegar, were expecting their first child, Oli. We almost lost Mrs. Abby to a major health emergency but she fought to come back to her family and her dancers. She is hero and I love her very much. Please watch her video interview. She is a true miracle and she inspires me every day, on and off the dance floor." - DancerBri0816