If you’re not sure who Bill Nye is, you might be too young (or you’ve been living under a ballet barre). Bill Nye is a scientist, engineer, conservationist, and a pop culture icon.



Usually, when we hear about Bill Nye and his adventures in science, it's an experiment from his old TV show, an experiment from his new TV show, or some scientifically driven rant about the environment.


How could you not love this guy?

But little did we (and probably you) know, in 2005, Bill Nye published a patent for a pointe shoe.

Google Patents

Because Bill knows everything, he also knows how painful pointe work can be for a dancer's feet. With this in mind, he designed his "Toe Shoe," meant to better support the dancer's weight on her feet and protect her toes with a specially designed toe box. 

Google Patents

Bill Nye was concerned mainly with the lack of shock absorption present in the traditional pointe shoe design. This means that all of the stress of leaping and hopping when working en pointe falls directly on the dancer's toes, feet, and ankles. He also saw that this stress causes many dance related injuries that can hinder a dancer such as blisters, crooked toes, stress fractures, and bruises among other things. 

So Bill Nye came to the rescue for ballerinas everywhere! There's just one problem; it doesn't seem like his revolutionary pointe shoe has ever been produced outside of his head. He's probably too busy saving the world, but there is hope! It seems as though everyone's favorite scientist is holding on tight to the patent and keeping up with payments for it. 

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