If you thought videos, boomerangs, polls, and pictures of your fabulous face weren’t enough, Instagram has rolled out a new feature to make your Instagram stories even more interesting. You can now add a new type of sticker to your stories to embellish them – animated GIF stickers.


The GIFs can be found in the story decoration menu after you take or upload a photo or video. Once you have selected the GIF sticker option, you are then free to add anything to your story from images of Bill Nye the Science Guy to the Hogwarts Sorting Hat. There's pretty much a story for every emotion, joke, occasion, and meme. If you aren't looking for a stick that just hangs out on the photo, you might want to try searching for "accessories" in the GIF sticker menu. There you will find googly eyes, mustaches, bunny ears, and pretty much anything else you might need to decorate your (and your friend's of course) face to take your story to the next level.

But that isn't the only thing Instagram is rolling out. They are also getting ready to introduce a feature that allows users to use whatever size photos they want to in their stories. That means that uploading a photo that is too big or too wide for the typical portrait layout of the story will not be cropped out. Instead, you will be able to resize the photo to your preferred size and any empty space will be filled with a gradient that compliments the photo.