Do you ever wish you could just dance your way through any situation? Well, in one of his latest videos, photographer Jordan Matter proves you can! Matter teamed up with model and dancer Em Marie to take as many photos as they could in ten minutes of a dancer in the Miami International Airport.

Matter is a dance photographer unlike any other. He prides himself on his work not just with dancers on the stage, but also off of it. He brings the subjects of his photos out into the world and merges the skills and beauty of a dancer with the comfort and casual feeling of the everyday. His photos take place everywhere from airports to slumber parties!

Em Marie, his subject in this video is a dancer from New York. Just a glance at her Instagram will show you that she has talents beyond that, though. Em is a model, aerialist, vocalist, and even a student pilot! He Instagram is full of incredible photos, gorgeous dances, and amazing fashion. She's the perfect person to brighten up your feed!

Basically, you have to see what these two can do together. Em's amazing dance and Matter's photography skills come together in this hilarious and gorgeous video!