Pacific Northwest Ballet

Pacific Northwest Ballet is approaching the end of their run of George Balanchine's ballet masterpiece Jewels. The production is split into three ballets, Emeralds, Rubies, and Diamonds. All three movements are full of the talent, precision, and beauty that PNB is best known for. 

Our favorite part beyond the dancing, however, is the magnificence of the costume design. Created by Jérôme Kaplan. The costumes have been carefully planned from sketches to bring George Balanchine's timeless masterpiece to life. Kaplan's work is something to be admired not only because of his magnificent design ability but also because of his ability to create costumes that fit perfectly into the piece's history and will become a landmark in its future.

Pacific Northwest Ballet's production of Jewels will be completed this Sunday, October 1st! That leaves only four more days to see this stupendous work of art! Learn more about the ballet and get tickets here!