Last night, the much-awaited video for “End Game” off of Taylor Swift’s Reputation¬†album was released at midnight. The video features everyone’s favorite pop star along with her two accompanying artists in three fabulous locations.

The video also features references to many of Taylor Swift's iconic symbols like the number 13, snakes, and even cats. This along with all of the traveling and moments with Taylor and Ed Sheeran and Future make this video one you will have to watch a few times if you want to catch everything.

Plus, you'll probably want to scan this video for outfit ideas because Taylor's outfits are iconic! From gorgeous dresses to casual flannels and even the rainbow striped dress featured in some of her Reputation photos, there is definitely an outfit for every occasion in this video.

It is more than clear that this video took a lot of work, but knowing Taylor, it was probably even more fun. When we aren't watching it on repeat, we will be waiting for behind the scenes looks at the making of the video and hints at a future amazing video for one of Reputation's other tracks.