Once a month in 2017, we gave you great and hilarious advice from role models you probably never expected. (Who would expect to get advice from a giraffe?) Now, we've compiled some of the year's best advice for you to reflect on and enjoy!

  1. Keep Your Chin Up - Sometimes life throws us things we don't expect. Just remember to stay strong and keep in mind the good things on the other side of every trial. (6 Pieces of Advice from a Giraffe)
  2. Sing Your Own Song - Or dance your own dance! Be creative as you move through life. It's more fun that way, and it's always impressive when you present your own take on things. (6 Pieces of Advice from a Mermaid)
  3. Open Up! - Loving who you are is important, but showing others how incredible you are is too! Be who you are, be confident, and don't be afraid to show off your inner sparkle. Not only will people appreciate that you are being honest with yourself and with them, your self-confidence will be obvious. (6 Pieces of Advice from a Wildflower)
  4. Go Out on a Limb – It's important to shake things up once in a while. Branch outside of your comfort zone and go on an adventure! (6 Pieces of Advice from a Tree)
  5. Look for the Sweetness in Life - Like nectar in a flower, the sweet parts of life aren't always the easiest to reach. However, if you put forth the effort, you're sure to find them. Savor sweet moments while they're here. Search for new ones after they have passed. (6 Pieces of Advice from a Butterfly)
  6. Treat Everyday like a Vacation - You never know what's going to happen! Approach every day as a new adventure. Don't be afraid to try something new or do something different. (6 Pieces of Advice from a Pineapple)
  7. Be Grateful for the Small Things - Fireflies are only about an inch long, but they still try to light up the night sky. Remember that no moment is too small. You never know what might turn into your new favorite memory. (6 Pieces of Advice from a Firefly)
  8. Don't Desert Your Friends - Having a support system is just as important as being able to stand on your own! Stand by your friends and help them as much as they help you.(6 Pieces of Advice from a Cactus)
  9. Be Outstanding in Your Field - Whatever you do, do it well. It is easy to be good at something. It is hard to be outstanding at something. Always be doing what you love and you will get there! (6 Pieces of Advice from a Pumpkin)
  10. Where there's a whale there's a way. - If you believe in yourself, you can accomplish almost anything! Having the courage to try is 90% of the journey. (6 Pieces of Advice from a Whale)
  11.  Always be on Point - Precision is key no matter what you are doing. Use your words carefully. And, of course, point your toes! (6 Pieces of Advice from an Icicle)
  12. Make a Good Frost Impression - Whether you are making a new friend or auditioning for a big role, you should always put your best flipper forward! You never know if you will have a second chance to show someone who you are. (6 Pieces of Advice from a Penguin)