After scouring the United States for talent, the SYTYCD judges chose 100 top dancers. The all-stars narrowed that down to 30, then 20, now 10. Last night, two hours of live performances had us on the edge of our seats.

The All-Stars

So You Think You Can Dance's all-star performers weren't going to let the show start without giving us a performance to remember. They kicked off the show with a group performance choreographed by Mandy Moore. The contemporary choreography was brilliant - could you expect anything else from Mandy Moore? But, unfortunately, one of our all-stars was missing. Allison watched from the sidelines with her shoulder in a sling nursing a shoulder injury that has her sitting out for an undetermined amount of time. 😭

Team Fik-Shun

Fik-Shun's top two dancers were Dassy Lee and Kyle Bennet Jr. In the end, Dassy won over Fik-Shun and the judges after a dynamic and entertaining hip-hop routine featuring feathers, fedoras, and suspenders. 

Team Allison

Because Allison has to sit out due to her shoulder injury, Audrey Case (you might remember her from Season 9) stepped in to perform with the all-star's top two, Logan and Zachary. Logan took home the spot as Allison's partner. But, don't worry! Zachary is on his way to Broadway to star in CATS

Team Jenna

One of the most anticipated choices of the night, we were holding our breath. Kiki and Jenna share an understanding of more traditional dance styles, but her routine with Konkrete last week was just. so. good. Unfortunately, we won't be seeing any more of Konkrete and Jenna routines any time soon. Kiki was chosen as Jenna's partner in the top 10. 

Team Cyrus

As much as we love Havoc, we were so excited to see our favorite blue-haired dancer make it through yet another round of cuts. Nigel did notice that it was a risky choice for Cyrus whose focus is not usually contemporary. Whatever they do, we can't wait!

Team Gaby

This Lex vs. Evan decision was certainly tough, but after seeing Lex do that many splits in one performance, we were pretty sure who was moving on to the top 10. Oh, and did we mention that Lex and Gaby's performance was given the first standing ovation of the night? 

Team Comfort

After last week, we could tell that there were some doubts about Deja's confidence, and that may be what led to Mark's victory in this round of eliminations. If his gritty hip-hop routine with Comfort didn't make you want to get a red Mercedes, we don't know what will. 

Team Marko

Can you stop watching this magical performance? Probably not. It's no wonder that Koine was chosen to be the last surviving member of Team Marko. The judges had a lot to say about how amazing it was - and we could probably go on for hours, too. It's too bad Nigel can't quite pronounce Koine's name. 

Team Paul

There was a lot of turning in the performance that narrowed Paul's team down from two to one. But, we had so much fun watching it! We can only imagine how thrilling it was to perform it on stage. We can't wait to see these two keep shining in the next episode. 

Team Robert

There's just something about a performance under blue lights that makes it impossible to look away. That was certainly the case with the performance that gave Taylor her spot in the top 10. That and her incredible control of everything from her legs to her hands. Robert is probably glad that he was rejected so many times during Academy week since it led him to this amazing partnership. 

Team Jasmine

Can we see a whole show of Robert and Jasmine performing to Bruno Mars' pop hits? Please. There was definitely some real attitude in this performance. Robert stepped into the final spot in the top 10 (and a cloud of hairspray). 

Oh, and one more thing...

By the end of the night, you were probably wishing for just one more dance. We get it, so were we. AND THERE WAS ONE MORE DANCE. The all-stars came back with their top 10 to put on one last group performance. We can't get this dance out of our minds. How could we? There were faces made of hands, LED lights in people's mouths, and strobe lights! The night couldn't have ended better. 

It feels like it has only been a few days since auditions first started, but here we are with the top 10 contestants. It's going to be an amazing competition. We can't wait!