The SYTYCD all-stars chose their teams last week and widdled them down to three dancers each. There was drama, stress, and even a last-minute second chance for Kevin “Konkrete” Davis. This week the top 30 came back and dove into the final round of choreography that would test their abilities and give us the final 20.

Taught by award-winning choreographer Sonya Tayeh, the top 30 had to learn a stylized jazz routine. There were some hiccups, but all was going well. That is, all was going well until Taylor Sieve and Jennifer Florentino collided during a rolling move on the crowded stage. Jennifer was left with a deep cut on her eyebrow. Unfortunately, she had to make the tough decision to leave the competition and go to the hospital and get stitches to prevent aggravating the injury further. 

The Jazz choreography round led to the departure of nine other dancers, leaving each all-star team with two dancers to round out the top 20. 


Marko's Team: Sofia and Koine

Gaby's Team: Lex and Evan

Paul's Team: Sydney and Kristina 

Robert's Team: Jonathan and Taylor

Allison's Team: Zachary and Logan

Cyrus' Team: Kaylee and Havoc

Comfort's Team: Mark and Deja

Jasmine's Team: Howard and Robert

Fik-Shun's Team: Dassy and Kyle

Jenna's Team: Kiki and Kevin "Konkrete"

After jazz choreography, each dancer had to work with their all-star on a routine. These performances would leave the all-stars with all the information they needed about who would be going forward as their partner in the rest of the competition. 

These performances, choreographed by the all-stars themselves were brilliant. Lex and Evan each performed a tap routine with Gaby to Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You" that made us all want to get up and tap our feet. 

The real showstopper, though, was Jenna's performance with Kevin. Because her two dancers were so different, Jenna actually choreographed two different routines, one to match each dancer's style. Her performance with Kevin combined her own routine with his street dancing style. And there was nothing else like it! The two had a wild chemistry that had all of the all-stars absolutely dumbfounded. Needless to say, we know who we want Jenna to pick.

Next week, the show goes live for the first time this season! In that episode, the real competition will begin after the all-stars make their final decisions and the top 10 dancers are revealed.