Last night, the Top 8 took the stage to perform again in hopes of making it to the next part of the competition. This episode was a bit different from the last two, though. Instead of performing solos, last night the contestants were paired up with each other as well as their all star partners for last night’s performances.

The show opened with the Top 8 and their all star partners. The sixteen outstanding performers were a kaleidoscope come to life! With such dynamic costumes, movements, and props, it was hard to look away from that performance

Koine and Marko

Marko and Koine performed a jazz routine choreographed by Mandy Moore. The story behind this piece? There is no story! This couple took the stage ready to just dance their jazz hearts out. They really were there for the applause. Mary thought these two were "simply fabulous" while Nigel was happy to see that the routine showed off Koine's clean lines and her great personality.

Taylor and Robert

Performing a Luther Brown hip hop routine, Taylor and Robert transformed the stage into a New York City roof top. All the judges were in agreement that the fire they asked Taylor to bring last week was here this week. Good things the flames were metaphorical so the other contestants could use the stage!

Lex and Gaby

Finally, Lex returns to his own style! In a routine about getting in your own way choreographed by Mandy Moore, this duo took command of the stage and brought us "Lex Nation." The judges knew that Lex would rock his own style, and they had nothing but compliments for his leaps and turns. If you weren't sure Nigel was impressed, he delivered this astounding compliment to Lex, "You lines look like they've been created by an architect."

Kaylee and Cyrus

This week, Cyrus and Kaylee dove headfirst into ballroom dance this week. Their routine, choreographed by Val Chmerkovskiy, was playful and exciting. It was more than clear that they were having fun with it. Mary was cranking up the volume to say how blown away she was, and Nigel joked that he was going to send Cyrus off to Dancing With the Stars.

Mark and Comfort

Spencer Liff choreographed this partnership's Broadway routine in which, once again, Jasmine shows Mark who's boss (at least at first). He's the contestant, but she sure seems to own the spotlight! The judges all thought their routine was spectacular, but Mary especially appreciated Mark's ability to take on the personality of whatever role he is given.

Kiki and Jenna

Given jazz with the hyper-famous Travis Wall, Kiki and Jena fought over money in this routine. As Kiki said these two were there "snapping necks and cashing checks." Vanessa thinks that Jenna is teaching Kiki to be more expressive one dance at a time. Mary and Nigel both appreciated the artistic aspects of Kiki's character and the pair's synchronicity. 

Dassy and Fik-Shun

This dream team was set with the task of performing choreography by Jaci Royal. The routine was one wow moment after another! From spins to lifts, the performance was full of the dreamy quality it set out to capture. The judges were proud of the duo's efforts to use muscles not usually worked out in their hip hop comfort zone. Vanessa was blown away by Dassy's contemporary skills, and so were we! 

Logan and Allison

Christopher Scott put together a private moment in hip hop motion for these two to perform. Full of those adorable private moments shared by a couple in love, this was the only summer romance we needed! Nigel had more to say about marriage than anything, but he seemed more than certain that Logan is made for a dance career, and Mary seemed to agree. Vanessa, on the other hand, was busy getting emotional (and we were right there with her!) about how sweet their routine was.

A Brief All Star Interlude

This beautiful contemporary performance about literally being on the other side of the glass was choreographed by Jaci Royal.

Taylor and Lex

It was no surprise that the first contestant duo of the night was amazing. These two have danced together before! So, it's no surprise they danced so well together in this avian romance! Talk about love birds! The judges stood up after watching another (we're looking at you Jenna and Kiki) kiss take place on stage. It seemed like there wasn't a thing the judges didn't love about their performance. Nigel even went so far as to label it as "one of the best routines ever on SYTYCD!"

Kiki and Koine

#KikiKoko took on salsa. They set out to bring the heat, and they certainly did! The stage was on fire with their moves! Mary was screaming about their moves (and she had some things to say about all of the kissing going on). Nigel thought Kiki's ability to perform salsa smoothly and Koine's ability to take on ballroom as a hip hop dancer was astounding.

Kaylee and Logan

Kaylee and Logan were given Travis Wall's vision of a shadow to bring to life. Their synchronicity was mesmerizing and incredibly surreal. Nigel thought these two were given a routine that would push them to their limits, but he also thought they accomplished it. Vanessa was entranced, and Mary was happy to see Kaylee in yet another amazing performance.

Dassy and Mark

Last week, both Dassy and Mark were in the bottom three. This week, they worked with Christopher Scott to redeem themselves. They may have played broken mannequins in their routine, but they were anything but trash. Vanesssa appreciated the upbeat, fun umbrella routine, and Mary agreed that it was the "cutest thing ever." Nigel thought the routine was beautiful, and he was nostalgic for the day when SYTYCD started with 20 contestants. 

The Bottom Three

It's hard to know who will end up in the bottom three each week with so many amazing dancers competing this season. This week, when the votes came in, it was Kaylee, Dassy, and Koine left on stage to be evaluated by the judges. We can't imagine the judges' decision was easy since all three dancers did incredibly well last night, but their decision was unanimous. After her second heart-wrenching moment in the bottom three, Dassy was sent home. 

For any Dassy and Fik-Shun fans this might be shocking (and definitely heart-breaking). But you'll have a chance to see Dassy on the SYTYCD fall tour! And Fik-Shun will be traveling the country as well, teaching his best moves to dancers everywhere at Showstopper's Dance Conventions! Until then, cast your votes to protect your favorite dancers from next week's bottom three!