In the second to last episode of the season, the Top 4 took the stage to perform with their All-Stars and together in every possible combination. No one went home last night, but the votes that followed the episode will determine who the winner is in the season finale!

Moving and grooving across the stage, all of our favorite dancers opened the show with a routine we will be rewatching for days! The dancers weren't the only ones rocking the theater! The audience and the judges were waving glow sticks. It was practically a rave.

The Top 4

Following the opening number, we got to see a performance Travis Todd and Christopher Scott choreographed.  This routine that took each of the top four dancers out of their element and made them, well, actual elements. 

Kiki and Taylor

Dancing together for the first time, Kiki and Taylor took on the cha cha, and they owned the stage! This was their first time performing together, and we hope it won't be their last.

Koine and Lex

Koine and Lex were given a romantic piece about pizza. Watching them on stage was a delicious moment (and if you say it was cheesy we'll disagree). It was too cute!

Kiki and Jenna

Kiki and Jenna performed their favorite duet from this season, a contemporary Mandy Moore piece that had us getting nostalgic for this couple's previous amazing performances. Even Jenna was crying. We can't believe the season is almost over and we're going to lose this amazing partnership!

Marko and Koine

This duo's favorite performance from this season was the African performance in which these two ake on the shape and movements of an insect. This beautiful and intricate piece was even better the second time!

The All-Stars

During the middle of the show, the All-Stars performed the quick and undeniable movements of Nigel's favorite choreographing couple - Keoni and Mari! It. Was. Amazing.

Koine and Taylor

Mandy Moore took these two and gave them a girl power routine full of technique and sass. We just have one question. Why haven't we seen these two together before? They were fierce!

Lex and Kiki

The girls had their turn to own the stage and these boys knew they needed to do just as well. Clearly, we were not ready for this "supa fly" duo because we were speechless. 

Taylor and Robert

The performance that Taylor and Robert chose to revisit was the eery contemporary performance choreographed by Travis Wall. There was so much beauty and emotion in this piece!

Lex and Gaby

When the season started, lots of people questioned whether or not Lex had a personality that he could bring forward in his performances. If you had any doubts left about Lex's personality, they will disappear after watching him and Gaby perform their tap routine from earlier in the season. 

Kiki and Koine

#KikiKoko returned to the stage with a Travis Wall piece that forced these dancers to open up and share their emotions with everyone around them. This moonlit, romantic performance was heart-breaking and beautiful. 

Taylor and Lex

Mia Michaels has returned to SYTYCD and given us this magical piece. No two dancers could have performed this dance better! Being a real couple (who knew!), it was amazing to see the connection Mia imagined come to life in such a real way. 

There is only one episode left featuring these amazing dancers before we have to say goodbye and wait for another round of SYTYCD! Will your favorite dancer win?