Last night’s episode brought us two performances from each of the top 10! One performance was a duet that took them out of their comfort zone, and the other was a solo performance that showed off their personal style.

The show opened with a disco number choreographed by Mandy Moore and Val Chmerkovskiy and performed by the all stars and their partners that was full of big hair, moving lights, and lots of color. Oh, and did you see that leap? We were dance ready after the performance, but don’t get too excited! We were biting our nails the whole time. One of the top 10 had to go home.

Mark and Comfort

Mark and Comfort have a great connection and a shared energy. They are like two big kids, and we love it! Their performance told the story of a power struggle between two people. 

Of course, the judges had some thoughts on this dance. Vanessa and Mary were both happy to see a more intense side of Mark while Nigel had some great compliments for Comfort and Mark on their focus and strength. 

Lex and Gabby

Given the task of performing an Argentine tango, Lex was feeling a bit awkward about literally getting up close and personal with his partner. Gabby was hopeful that they would get over that awkwardness, and it seemed like they did! The duo took command of the stage, themselves, and each other in a beautiful and clean cut tango. 

Mary wanted the performance to be a little less awkward but appreciated their control over their movements. Nigel thought that the technique was wonderful, and Vanessa, of course, was all too happy just to see the pair dance.  

Kiki and Jenna

These two kooky ballroom dancers were given hip hop dance. If you remember from the Academy, Kiki isn't terribly comfortable doing hip hop choreography, but this performance certainly redeemed any mistakes he made then. We couldn't look away from them! Highlights? Faux money with Nigel's face on it, green hair, and we're pretty sure there was some flossing in there, too! (Backpack kid would be proud.)

Vanessa said that that the choreography reminded her of a "hip hop dancing joker from the matrix," and she is pretty spot on.

If you still didn't believe that Kiki made his hip hop debut in this performance, all of the judges affirmed that they were surprised that the ballroom dancer survived the Academy after his hip hop debacle. Oh, and they voiced what we all already knew, Jenna can do anything.

Sydney and Paul

This emotional piece was about letting go and moving on. When working with choreography that tells an emotional story, it is important to be able to embody or relate to those emotions. It certainly seemed like Sydney and Paul were able to feel those emotions. if you're looking for something short to watch with all of the drama and heartbreak of a Nicholas Sparks movie, this is the dance for you. 

The judges were full of compliments for the gorgeous choreography and the careful movements of the two dancers - even when they weren't moving at all! Even Nigel and Mary were emotional from the performance. (You know it's sad when Mary is quiet.) 

Allison and Logan

These two took on a futuristic jazz piece. The best part? This time, Logan actually got to dance with Allison! Their dance looked like something straight out of a Lady Gaga music video. There was a sci-fi dinner party and a wild love story. Can you believe Allison did all of that with her shoulder injured? You definitely couldn't tell! 

The judges were thoroughly impressed, and the costumes even encouraged a Woody the Woodpecker impression from Nigel. All three judges also seem to agree that Logan is an incredibly talented dancer who can conquer whatever style they put in front of him.

Kaylee and Cyrus

The last performance this duo performed took Cyrus out of his comfort zone. This week, Kaylee is coming out of hers. Cue the sci-fi choreography! There weren't any flames on stage, but these two were on fire! Also, is it just us or should Cyrus rock blue hair more often?

The judges asked for more last week, and it seems like these two delivered. There were nothing but compliments for Kaylee's strength and ability to perform unique stunts!

Taylor and Robert

These two were tasked with being dancers and actors this week because they had to perform a Broadway style piece inspired by the 1940s. These two were gorgeous!

Vanessa was crying about this gorgeous number, and Mary was sad that it ever had to end. Nigel was taken back to his own Broadway producing days. Maybe these two have a future on Broadway?

Marko and Koine

Last week, everyone was shipping Marko and Koine in their soft performance. This week, they set out to capture the mysterious life of an insect in an African jazz routine. During their studio time, these two were tied in knots, but, on stage, they were a seamless coupling of movement and insect-like precision. 

This intricate routine was well-received by the judges. Nigel thought the routine was the perfect representation of dance bringing cultures together, and Vanessa and Mary couldn't say enough about Marko and Koine's ferocious movements.

Jasmine and Robert

In case you missed it, these two were putting a perm all over the stage last week. This week, they did something more emotionally vulnerable and certainly more serious. We can't tell if it was just the lights or if those two were actually sparkling up on there on stage. Their performance was spectacular.

Nigel thought the emotion was lacking in this contemporary performance, but Vanessa said that the duet made her heart hurt. Mary also thought the technique may have needed work, but the chemistry between the two dancers was definitely there. 

Dassy and Fik-Shun

Bringing Bollywood to the SYTYCD stage, Fik-Shun and Dassy got to show the world how dynamic they are. Talk about synchronicity! If these two have this much chemistry and dynamism outside of their comfort zone, we can't wait to see what they do when they get back to hip hop!

There was a minor slip up, but the judges thought that Dassy and Fik-Shun owned it and that their move into Bollywood was really natural! Nigel noticed that Fik-Shun was getting trying to put some swag into Bollywood. We saw it too! We're on to you, Fik-Shun!

The Solos

The solos were short, but it was great to see the contestants performing in their own styles! From Koine's fierce and full of splits number to Lex's reunion with his amazing style (Those leaps though!), there was not a dull moment on stage.

A Happy Reunion

Do you remember Blessed from auditions? Well, the talented step dancer and her team, The Lethal Ladies of Baltimore, came on with the all stars to shut down the stage with a commanding military routine. You could say we were #blessed to see this performance. 

The Bottom Three

The judges were surprised to find Logan, Sydney, and Robert in the bottom three, but they did not hesitate to send Logan off the stage and into safety with the rest of the top 10. The decision between Robert and Sydney was a little bit tougher, though. For Sydney, they thought she has done much better this week than last, and for Robert, it was just the opposite. In the end, Nigel announced that the decision was not unanimous, but Robert would be the one leaving SYTYCD. 

It's always sad to see a contestant leave, and we will miss Robert's unique style and amazing outfits! Next week, we'll be saying goodbye to another contestant. Don't forget to cast your votes to protect your favorite dancers from the bottom three!