Last night, the Top 4 contestants were revealed in the season’s first double elimination. You voted! Here are the results! Over the course of the evening, each contestant participated in three performances a duet with their All-Star partner, a duet with another contestant, and a solo. Who went home was completely up to America’s votes!

The opening performance was full of amazing things from rhythmically complex movements to incredible prop work and symmetry between the dancers. This choreography by Christopher Scott was magnificent! 

Lex and Gaby

This week, Lex and Gaby took on samba with their fingers crossed that Lex would continue to stay as far away from the bottom three as possible. During rehearsal, these two had a hard time finding their rhythm, but they took the stage with confidence! 

Koine and Marko

This contemporary dance choreographed by Mandy Korpinen and Elizabeth Petrin was a dangerous and gorgeous feat of strength and emotion for both dancers. Their movements were smooth and truly incredible. Was this a dance or a long, beautiful magic trick?

Kiki and Jenna

This dynamic duo is doing another jazz routine - with a twist. They're going fast! Kiki and Jenna took the stage with a classic upbeat jazz song. They may have been rolling on the river, but we were rolling around with excitement! They were stunning! Choreographer Ray Leeper certainly was proud!

Kaylee and Cyrus

These two paired up with Phillip Chbeeb for an emotional hip hop routine about climbing over life's obstacles. The performance was full of throwing and catching and emotional stunts. What is there that these two cannot do?

Taylor and Robert

These two were lucky to perform a piece choreographed by the amazing Keone and Mari!  If you know Keone and Mari, then you know their storytelling ability is incredible, and these two certainly did them justice! 

Logan and Allision

This contemporary routine by Dee Caspary is an eerie, dark piece that took Logan and Allison to a new emotional level. There may have been rose petals all over the stage, but Logan and Allison certainly made this performance bloom before our eyes.

The All-Stars took the stage after the first half of the show to perform a routine choreographed by that matched the rhythm and complexities of the opening performance. In case you needed one, this performance was a clear reminder why these 10 are SYTYCD All-Stars.

Koine and Lex

Taking on disco with Doriana Sanchez, Lex and Koine proved that this style is more than funky clothes and waving your arms back and forth! They claimed the stage, all of its bright lights, and, more importantly, our attention. They were fantastic!

Taylor and Logan

Mark Kanemura told the story of one of his own relationships with the choreography these two performed last night. Mark gave them his story and tasked them with giving it the emotion it deserved and making the audience feel it too. That piece was full of all of our favorite things - glitter, confetti, and real emotions! Even Mark was tearing up in the audience. 

Kiki and Kaylee

Both Kiki and Kaylee found themselves in the bottom three last week. This week, they took the stage ready to have fun with a Bollywood performance. Nakul Dev Mahajan brought these two into a fantastic story that was fun for everyone watching (and surely fun for them)!

Double Elimination

As the contestants performed their duets with one another, Kat revealed the first three that would be making it into the Top 4 next week - Lex, Taylor, and Kiki. This left Koine, Logan, and Kaylee in the bottom three waiting to find out who would be dancing across our screens again next week. After the judges delivered compliments to all three dancers, we found out that Koine would be staying and completing the Top 4 lineup, leaving Kaylee and Logan to go home.