The top 100 contestants have impressed Nigel, Mary, and Vanessa, but now, they have to put in some hard work over the next three weeks at the Academy to also impress So You Think You Can Dance‘s all stars. Who will leave the Academy to continue on to the rest of the competition? We just have to watch and wait to see who will falter under pressure and who will dance their way to the top.


The Academy kicked off with the Solo Round. The top 100 were divided into groups. Then each had to perform a solo to make it on to the next round - Hip Hop Choreography. We got to see more from favorites like Robert Green, Matthew Deloch, and Chan Walcott in the first string. Thankfully, the only one we had to say goodbye to in the first string was ballroom dancer Tristen who left behind his partner Jensen as she moved on to the next round. 

The second lineup included some of our favorite hip hop dancers like Kevin Davis Jr. The best part of this lineup? Lex came back with another uniquely choreographed and styled solo that certainly impressed the all stars. After the second string, even more of our favorites were safe, Lex among them. As the solos continued, more dancers learned their fates. Unfortunately, daring contemporary choreographer, Ryan Bailey was too risky for the all stars, and he was sent home along with many other fantastic dancers in the following lineups.

Hip Hop Choreography

After making it through solos, the remaining contestants had one hour to learn a fun and funky hip hop routine from La La Land choreographer Mandy Moore. As they practiced, it was clear that many of the non-hip hop dancers were a little uncomfortable with the moves. The best part? Kaylee ("Impavido") with her extreme talent and electric blue hair getting down with Robert and his funky DIY pants. 

All Star Picks

This episode didn't just give the contestants a lot of work to do. The all stars also had to decide who to send home and try to convince the remaining dancers to be one of four to join each of their dance teams. Dancers that made it through were offered positions on an all star(s)' team and then had to choose. We're not sure who was more antsy, the contestants trying to choose between their role models or the all stars worried about not getting their favorite contestants. 

Next week the contestants will be battling for the last spots in the all star teams in the Contemporary and Ballroom Choreography rounds! We're biting our nails just thinking about it!