If you’ve been missing the dancey goodness that is Step Up, you’re in luck! Channing Tatum and his lovely wife, Jenna Dewan are the executive producers behind a new Step Up series, Step Up: High Water.

The series will make its way to YouTube Red this fall. There will be 10 episodes of dance drama taking place at High Water Performing Arts School in Atlanta, Georgia. We’re sure that by the end of the series, we will be wishing that High Water was a real place. Who knows, it might end up being the Hogwarts of dance. 

Step Up: High Water also features some of our favorite celebrities. Playing former dancer and school administrator is Naya Rivera. (You might remember her from Glee). Ne-Yo will also be on the show, playing as the school's founder while we're in between World of Dance seasons. 

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  Other stars making their way to the High Water School of Performing Arts include Disney Star Lauryn McClain, hip-hop dancer Kendra Oyesanya, and dance superstar Jade Chynoweth.

We've watched YouTube Red series before, like Disney's Hyperlinked, but this seems like something different. Our only problem is that there will only be 10 episodes. We want as much dance drama as we can get. 

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