Did You Know You Can Win These Awards at Showstopper Competitions?


Did you know that competing in Showstopper competitions puts you in a position to win tons of awards, including our fabulous medals and trophies? From trophies to medals, you will be able to tell others about your accomplishments and show off the bling that comes with them. Spoiler Alert! There is a lot of glitter ahead.

Trophies for All!

Based on the score given by the judges for your routine, you may win Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Double Platinum Awards. And, because it is based on score, multiple of each award may be awarded in each age group and category! That means you have plenty of chances to win these dazzling trophies. Before you know it, you’ll have so many trophies you won’t know where to put them! (Because, you know, you’re that good.)

Double Platinum, Platinum 1st Place, Gold 1st Place, and Silver Awards will be decided
by a predetermined range of points for each place.

And Medals!

Along with trophies, you may be awarded medals for your routines. The medals correspond with the trophy awarded for your routine. Even though each routine only receives one trophy, everyone performing in that routine will get a medal! So, don’t worry if you have to share a trophy with all of your dance BFFs from your studio, you’ll have your medals all to yourself!

Competitive Level Awards

Dancers competing at the Competitive Level can win the awards mentioned above as well as Showstopper’s Crystal Award and cash prizes! During Regionals competitions, soloists competing at the Competitive Level may also become Showstopper All Stars!

What is a Showstopper All Star? 

The top two scoring soloists from the Junior, Teen, and Senior divisions in the Competitive Level at every Regionals competition become Showstopper All Stars. These fantastic dancers are also invited to perform in the opening number of our America Loves to Dance Championship on the last day of each Finals event! It’s kind of a big deal.


In the Competitive Level, dance routines are also eligible for the Crystal Award. The Crystal award is not only amazing because it proves how talented you are! They are also beautiful, displayable trophies that stand out from the crowd! Crystal Awards are made entirely of glass and sparkle like diamonds. If you have a Showstopper Crystal on your shelf, everyone will know that you are one of America’s best competitive dancers.


To find out more about Showstopper’s awards, click here!

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Did You Know You Can Win These Awards at Showstopper Competitions?

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