Twitter was freaking out last week when Shami Oshun (@bluexheeta on Twitter) started to put together her prom dress the night before the big day. They were even more surprised by how amazing her $15 DIY turned out.

#DIY master? Model? She's both. 

The dress took the internet by storm with tons of people following Shami's twitter just to watch for updates on the dress. 

If there's anyone that can take the spotlight gracefully, it's Shammy. Her Twitter feed is full of thank yous to compliments from her followers and to media sources that have written about her.

But Shami's talents don't stop with this dress. In fact, they didn't even start there. This awesome designer is an actual designer with a fabulous clothing line. 

She creates stunning pieces like this one.

Shami Oshun

You can order her clothes from her site. Each unique piece is made to order by Shami. There's nothing like having all of your clothes tailored (or super close to tailored) to make you feel extra special. 

Unfortunately, it seems the fame from her prom dress has definitely overrun this superstar with orders.

Shami Oshun

So we're going to have to wait patiently before we can get our hands on any of Shami's amazing designs.