Big lights, high kicks, and big stages are just a few words to describe what it’s like being a Rockette! Holding this prestigious position also includes 6 hour a day practices, 6 days a week. This is to make sure every performance is the most precise, entertaining, and visually pleasing performance the audience has ever seen. If you have your sights set on becoming a Rockette one day, there are a few steps you can take to help you for your Radio City future. Each year, the Rockettes hold an amazing Summer Intensive to give dancers a glimpse into the lives of New York’s Radio City Rockettes! The deadline for the 2017 Summer Intensive has passed. However, you can still keep the Rockettes Summer Intensive (RSI) auditions on your radar. More than 60 Rockettes credit this intensive program as the reason for their success. If you are serious about being on that big stage one day, auditioning for the RSI is something that you NEED to consider!

What is the RSI?

The Rockettes Summer Intensive program (RSI), is a dance program created and produced by the Rockettes. This program is designed for advanced dancers, 14 years old and above, who want to train with the Rockettes' director/choreographer as well as current Rockettes. Dancers will have a once in a lifetime chance to learn the Rockettes' often imitated dance technique: their world famous kick line. They'll also learn other dance styles including Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and Musical Theatre!


What is it like?

Things are always subject to change 7 months from now but according to the RSI website, this is a rundown of what you can expect at an RSI program!

Auditions are required. (See below for audition details.) 

One week of intensive study with the Rockettes and a Rockettes’ Director/Choreographer. Six hours of class daily with emphasis on Rockettes’ choreography. Final Showcase performance plus one ticket to the Final Showcase (additional tickets may be purchased).


Classes and rehearsals are offered every day from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Classes include: Theater Dance, Jazz, Tap, Kickline, Formations, Performance and Audition Technique. Injury Prevention, Dancer Health & Wellness, and Professional Make-up seminars are offered during the week (seminars are voluntary, specific dates will be announced).

*INVITATIONAL WEEK (WEEK 2)The Rockettes Summer Intensive dance program is pleased to continue a special invitation-only week, designed to give select students the opportunity to train at the highest level of the Rockettes’ technique and prepare for the Rockettes’ auditions. All dancers must attend a live audition to be considered. Class size will be limited.

A peek inside!


Now that you know what the RSI program is, it's time to start preparing NOW! If you feel like you have no idea where to start, don't worry. The Rockettes have you covered. The RSI website gives a complete rundown on all of the skills you need to have in order to audition. They are as follows:

Introduction: Please state your name, age, and all material presented on the videotape.  If you are an Alumna of the program, please state that as well.

Jazz Combination: Present a short solo jazz combination, approximately 32 counts (no Hip-Hop please).  Jazz combination must include a double pirouette.

Tap Combination: Present a short solo tap combination, approximately 32 counts. Combination must include a double time step. No music required; tap sounds should be heard.

Kicks: Present 8 eye-high jump kicks. No music required.

* You can audition on the RSI program tour or through video submission!

Hurry up and wait!

We have roughly 7 months before audition time rolls around, but make sure you are using this time to practice and prepare. If your kicks aren't high enough, spend this time making sure they can reach the roof by audition time. Being a Rockette takes hard work, and getting into the RSI program will take hard work as well. So practice, practice, practice! We will be sure to keep you updated on the audition schedule for 2018!