Hauls, DIY-er and incredible dancer and actress? It’s a mouthful but it’s just some of the titles that little miss Jayden Bartels holds. She’s young, but age doesn’t mean anything when it comes to experience. This girl has a resume that will make a grown-up shiver. No seriously check out her resume…


And we totally see why she's always booked!

As you can see Miss Jayden B is constantly working her butt off. She's got sass, pizzaz and did we mention a Youtube channel teaching you some pretty cool stuff.


She also has some pretty familiar dance friends! It really seems like theres nothing this girl can't do. In the dance world being multi talented is always a good thing!

You are totally missing out if you don't know who this budding superstar is. She's making major moves in the industry so you better hop on her train before it's too late. 

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Instagram: @missjaydenb

YouTube: Jayden Bartels

Website: Miss Jayden B