1. 1 Pick a Word to Describe Yourself

    We're all #awesome
    1. Intelligent
    2. Aggressive
    3. Sparkly
    4. Tricky
    5. Flexible
    6. Cooperative
  2. 2 Pick an Animal

    1. Credit
    2. Credit
      Bearded Dragon
    3. Credit
    4. Credit
      Atlas Moth
    5. Credit
    6. Credit
      Lady Bug
  3. 3 Choose a Job

    1. Guidance Counselor
    2. Firefighter
    3. Police Officer
    4. Baker
    5. Banker
    6. Botanist (Yay plants!!!)
  4. 4 Pick a Taylor Swift Song

    1. Shake It Off
    2. Bad Blood
    3. 22
    4. You Belong With Me
    5. Style
    6. Love Story
  5. 5 Pick a Symbol

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    1. #
    2. !
    3. ;
    4. $
    5. ?
    6. *

QUIZ: What Mythical Creature Are You?

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  1. Quiz result


    You are adaptable, and you're not afraid of change if it means improving yourself. You're adventurous, wise, and attracted to warmth (tropical vacation, anyone?). When it comes down to it, you have a "life will go on" attitude.
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  2. Quiz result


    You're wise and curious. You're a big fan of teamwork, but running with the herd isn't a necessity if there is something new to be learned. A real team player, you're also a born leader!
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  3. Quiz result


    You're flighty and mischievous. Sometimes you get carried away having fun and end up in trouble (but it's totally worth it). You're a huge fan of pranks and excitement. There's never a dull moment when you're around.
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  4. Quiz result


    You can be a bit ferocious, but you are wise enough to know when you're getting to be too hot-headed. You're a careful collector of treasures (like Showstopper trophies), and you have a passion for all things shiny.
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    Did someone say glitter? You eat, sleep, and dream everything that sparkles, shines, and glimmers. Your favorite color is rainbow and, honestly, you are the life of every party with all you pep.
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    You are super smart. Your quick wit can easily get you out of tricky situations, and you have a comeback and a quick joke for any occasion. You love everything green, especially plants. If it grows, you love it. Probably because you're so adaptable.
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