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      Unicorn Frappuccino
    2. Credit
      Unicorn Macarons
    3. Credit
      Unicorn Toast
    4. Credit
      Unicorn Hot Chocolate
    5. Credit
      Unicorn Cheesecake
    6. Credit
      Unicorn Grilled Cheese
    7. Credit
      Unicorn Bagel
    8. Credit
      Unicorn Donut
    9. Credit
      Unicorn Fudge
    10. Credit
      Unicorn Pancakes
    11. Credit
      Unicorn Shake
    12. Credit
      Unicorn Yogurt

Pick Your Favorite Unicorn Food and We'll Tell You Which Hair Trend You Should Rock Next

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  1. Quiz result

    Cotton Candy Hair

    You like to be bold, but you're casual about it. Add a dash of color and you've already got a million style ideas lined up.
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  2. Quiz result

    Mermaid Hair

    You've got fancy down to an art, and if you're going to dye your hair, it better represent something gorgeous.
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  3. Quiz result

    Grombre Hair

    You like natural colors, but you're always down for a little added mystery.
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  4. Quiz result

    Glitter Hair

    You aren't really into permanent hair trends, but nothing gets you going like a little extra sparkle (and what sparkles more than glitter?).
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  5. Quiz result

    Blorange Hair

    When you go for it, you go all out. This hit style is calling your name, and we already know what's going to happen. #Fabulous
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  6. Quiz result

    Amethyst Roots

    You don't want to go crazy with non-traditional colors, but a little extra ~wow~ in your hair game is all you need to set you apart without going crazy.
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  7. Quiz result

    Watermelon Hair

    You're always super excited for summer and everything that comes with it. Not to mention you have a passion for everything wild and unexpected.
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  8. Quiz result

    Blonde-Gray Hair

    You're over all the crazy color trends, and now you're looking for something striking yet subtle. (The hard part is telling whether or not that ash-colored hair means you have secret fire powers. No? Right?)
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  9. Quiz result

    Rose Gold Hair

    You are, in one word, elegant. The word tacky can't touch you, and you always dress like you're about to accept an award.
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  10. Quiz result

    Geode Hair

    "Shine bright like a diamond" is just a little too cliche for you. Why stick with ~just~ diamonds when you could shine bright like all the other minerals and geodes out there?
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  11. Quiz result

    Denim Hair

    You've got a major passion for soft textures and deep blues and it shows.
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  12. Quiz result

    Succulent Hair

    You're in touch with your natural side, and when it comes time to change up your hair, you're definitely looking to your plant friends for inspiration.
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