1. Pick a cute pup to spend 2018 with.

Pick a Puppy and We'll Give You a New Year's Resolution

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    Complain Less

    Why not spend 2018 working to focus on solutions rather than problems?

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    Listen to New Music

    Expand your listening library! Explore new genres and artists. You never know what you might find!

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    Read More

    There are few things better than a good book. Spend 2018 adding to your library and cutting down on your "to read" list.

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    Adventure More

    2018 is your year to explore! Go on a trip or try something new. Whatever you do, make every day an adventure.

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    Worry Less About Likes

    When you are surrounded by social media and its influences, it can be easy to focus too much on what people think. Focus on what you like, and you'll be great!

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    Get Organized

    There's nothing like a new year to put your best foot forward! Start by getting organized.

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    Be Kind

    No matter who you are kind to whether it is yourself, your friends, or even a stranger, you are putting kindness into the world! Spend 2018 throwing kindness like confetti.

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    Get More Sleep

    You can't get anything done without a good night's rest. Why not use 2018 to get your sleeping schedule in order?

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    Dance More

    No matter how much you dance, dance more. Dance makes everything better, so why shouldn't you dance as much as you can?

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