Olivia Mears is a costume designer well known for her creation of "Taco Belle," a version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast but with tacos on her dress. But, Olivia does not only base her amazing costumes on puns. She also looks for odd things to turn into amazing new works of art. One of those things is wrapping paper. 

Since 2014, Olivia has been celebrating the holidays by creating one of a kind gowns made of wrapping paper! These aren't just funny decorations, though. You can (and she does) actually wear these gowns to parties, balls, and wherever else your celebrating takes you - just don't get them wet. 

The dresses are not 100% wrapping paper. They also feature ribbon, bows, and lots of glitter. The first dress was made out of recycled gift wrapping that developed into a vintage-style gown. From there, it seems Olivia has looked for inspiration in other holiday decorations. This year, a purple bow inspired a gorgeous amethyst gown.

The only downside to these dresses is that we don't get to see them all year round! Olivia makes a new one every holiday season, so, unfortunately, we'll be waiting until next Christmas to see another one of these gowns.