American Ballet Theatre principal dancer, author, role model, and all-around-amazing person Misty Copeland is going to be doling out her expert performance advice on World of Dance!


If you've seen World of Dance, then you know that the three amazing judges are full of thoughtful praise and helpful criticisms for the acts competing for the $1 million prize. Whether they're watching Derek Hough bust a move behind the judges' table or running up to JLo for a hug, the contestants know that their time on the World of Dance stage is valuable and rewarding. There's nothing quite like advice from fellow professionals to help you improve.

NBC World of Dance

Now, add Misty Copeland to that fabulous lineup. 

We all know that Misty is more than capable of giving smart and artistic advice since her appearance as a celebrity judge on So You Think You Can Dance for Season 11. Needless to say, we are excited to see what she'll have to offer the contestants (and what scores she'll give them).

Currently, World of Dance is in Round 2, the Duels. In the Duels, contestants are paired up to compete in dance battles. The winner of each duel moves on to Round 3, the Cut. That's where Misty Copeland comes in. She will take her place at the judges' table in the July 18th and 25th episodes of Round 3. 

We couldn't be more excited! We just hope she's not too hard on our favorite contestants!