Misty Copeland's new book just came out, and like everything she does, it is a masterpiece.

American Ballet Theatre principal dancer, Misty Copeland is an influential woman, dancer, and overall performer. This is not Misty's first book however, she has also published a memoir titled Life in Motion, in which she tells the story of becoming a ballerina and her rise to fame as well as a children's book titled Firebird, a book about confidence and of course dancing. 

Now, say hello to Ballerina Body.


You can pick it up on Amazon for $15.99

Ballerina Body is a different kind of book. Copeland has noticed a change in the way women want to be seen and a growing desire for the "ballerina" body. In this book, she is a motivator and a guide on a journey to becoming leaner, fitter and healthier. She also offers advice on meal planning and exercise routines based on ballet workout routines, all the while encouraging her readers. Misty Copeland is there to keep you going from the first page to the last.

We're definitely putting this on our shelves right next to Showstopper Magazine.


Belle probably would have read Misty's book at least twelve times. Don't you think?