In case you didn’t know, Mickey Mouse’s birthday is November 18th! The cartoon mouse was created nearly 90 years ago in 1928 by Walt Disney himself. It’s hard to believe that everyone’s favorite mouse is older than most of his fans. 

To celebrate, Disney is airing a special short!

For Mickey's birthday, Disney Channel and Disney Junior will be airing episodes of some of the mouses best tv shows including Mickey and the Roadsters Racers and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Mickey Mouse shorts airing every half hour! The first short to air? A special new episode of Mickey's life in which Minnie tries to write Mickey a special birthday song but loses all of the notes!

Mickey's birthday will also be celebrated at Disney parks around the world with special merchandise, songs, and parades! 

However you're celebrating Mickey Mouse's birthday, whether its in your pajamas watching cartoons or getting in on the festivities at Disney parks, we're sure this will be a birthday celebration worth talking about (until next year, of course).