Lush cosmetics is for sure where it’s at. If you haven’t had the pleasure of walking into one of their stores let me paint a picture for you. As you step inside your senses go into a manic. The aroma of naturalness sweeps your body away into a field of honey, flowers and thats just on your first step in. As you walk further you see a mountain of earth toned soaps that can be cut to any size and hair masks made from the goodies of the earth. There is so much to choose from your body becomes overwhelmed with indecisiveness on where to start first. Yep you’re in lush and that was a lack luster description of the amazingness you’ll experience when you have your first experience. If you’re not lucky enough to live near a store you’re in luck, they have an online website as well!

Wall of greatness!


Bath bombs are everything when it comes to taking your bathing time to the next level. Lush has some super amazing bath bombs that aren't only amazing in color but also good for your skin.

Shower needs!


Gels, scrubs and smoothies! Like the pictures say they've got a wide range of natural necessities to give you the best skin ever!

Hair care!


Managing your mane can be a tough deal. Switch out those chemical infested hair care products and dive into Lush's natural shampoo and hair moisturizers. Your hair will take a turn for the best once you do!

Natural deodorants!


I know it may be odd seeing deodorant that in bar form but trust me it is so worth the switch. It's a lot  better for you, and last a really long time!

They've got you covered!

Any body, hair or skin problem you're having Lush's natural products are sure to help you out. They've got something for everything and they are reasonably priced! Be sure to to check them out and let us know how you like your new products!