You might remember “The Backpack Kid” who, earlier this year, performed with Katy Perry on Saturday Night Live after he took the internet by storm with his unique and lively dance moves. Now, Katy Perry is looking for more talent, specifically dancers, to perform in her upcoming music video for her song, “Swish, Swish.” What better place to look for the next star than the internet? 

Katy Perry is working with dance entertainment company DanceOn to start her dance challenge. The #SwishSwishChallenge calls for dancers to post a video showing off their best moves performed to "Swish Swish." The video can be posted to YouTube, Instagram, or, but you have to tag it with #SwishSwishChallenge and tag @DanceOn and @KatyPerry for your video to be seen. You can submit videos until July 12th at 11:59 pm. To win, dancers must also be over 13 and live in the United States.

Here's the announcement from Katy Perry herself!

Let's get dancing!