For the past week, the internet has been anticipating the big single drop that would signal the end of Taylor Swift’s media hiatus. After wiping her social media accounts, and posting videos of snakes, we were finally told on Wednesday that this was the lead up to a single drop on Thursday night. Now, the single “Look What You Made Me Do,” is out to introduce a new Taylor and her upcoming album.

"Look What You Made Me Do" is different from anything we have seen from Taylor Swift before. The new dance pop is dark, fierce, and angry. With every album she releases, Taylor Swift shows us a new side, gives us a new musical experience, and turns the world upside down searching for clues in her meaning-rich songs.

So far, the track, number 6 on the upcoming album reputation, has been released with a grungy and darkly animated lyric video, and anticipation of a music video that will debut during the VMA's on August 27th. The song also heralds in excitement for the album's release on November 10th. Needless, to say, the world is counting down to what will certainly be some momentous moments in music. But, until then, we'll just have to listen to "Look What You Made Me Do" on repeat and ready our snake emojis. 🐍