We sat down with the hilarious and talented, Haley Pham!

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    Haley: "My middle name is Pham and I prefer it over Goodman because it represents my asian side and I personally believe it sounds better!"
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    Haley: "I’ve been making videos every since I was 7 to 8 years old. I loved the process of creating: coming up with an idea, making it come to life, editing it, and sharing it with a community. YouTube was simply a platform to store my mini creations and it became a beautiful community."
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    Haley: "Once I started to gain a following, I realized I needed to keep a consistent schedule. This is when I learned to journal ideas and schedule time to make videos!"
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    Haley: "I personally love all 3 channels for very specific reasons. My vlog channel is a personal documentation of my life; it really gives an insight on my day to day life. It stores my memories. My main channel is my biggest community where I create my very best ideas into mini movies! And of course the planner channel is for the planner/stationary geeks who love to watch me plan!"