This is Jay Moschella, a librarian from Boston.

Normally, Jay's Twitter is full of pictures of the rare books he works with at the Boston Public Library, but on Friday, he shared this.

The tweet took the internet by storm, and quickly amassed thousands of retweets, favorites, and replies from people who thought Jay's "formula one track" was hilarious, and that his greyhounds, Vicki and Rocko, were lucky dogs.

People also shared their own snow-loving hounds,

And hounds that prefer to leave the snow alone.

Overall the internet seemed taken by not just Jay's dogs, but by greyhounds in general, and the thread grew into a dog pile of people exchanging stories about their own dogs and the snow. It was paw-sitively adorable!

But, Jay learned something else... People are more interested in dogs that rare books.

We hope this doesn't stop Jay from sharing his passion for rare books with the world, but we also hope to see more of Vicki and Rocko from him the future!