When you’re a busy dancer with a schedule full of classes, performances, auditions, and competitions, it can get hard to keep everything in order. If you feel like you’re running from place to place and forgetting things, you might have considered a planner to keep yourself on track. But, planners are boring, right? Wrong! You can plan your life in a way that is a fabulous, energetic, and beautiful as you are with these simple steps.

1. Find a planner as fabulous as you are!

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There are tons of different kinds of planners out there! From plain planners to planners with inserts for pretty much everything, there will be something out there to meet your needs and match your personal aesthetic. 

2. Design your workspace.


The best way to keep your mind focused and clear when you are writing out your schedule and organizing your to-dos is to work in the same place, and for that place to be a clean and happy place. Whether it's your bed or your desk, make the place where you plan yours! Hang up inspiring pictures and your favorite artwork!

3. Find printable inserts that match your needs.

Pink Bows & Twinkle Toes

You might find that some planners come with a lot of things you don't need. If you use a planner that allows you to insert new pages, look online for pages that match exactly what you need - and it doesn't hurt if they're cute too!

4. Sticky Notes!

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No matter where you are or what you're doing, if your planner is with you, you want some sticky notes there too! They make it easy to jot down a quick to-do and stick it in your planner or copy down information to share with someone else. Plus, you can find sticky notes in pretty much any shape, size, and pattern, so your ideal sticky notes are out there somewhere looking amazing

5. Succeed!

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No matter what you're planning, know that your planner does not organize you, you organize yourself. Own your to-dos! You have amazing things to plan for!

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