Turnouts, though a seemingly basic move, are important for improving your form. Being able to do a proper turnout will allow you to not only be more balanced but also to look even more elegant as your perform! (Note: Not all dancers can achieve a "perfect" turnout. It depends on whether your hips are able to reach that level of flexibility. This doesn't mean that you cannot achieve a beautiful turnout.)


Butterfly Stretch:

  • Sitting in the butterfly stretch, have a partner push down on your thighs close to your hips. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds.

Straddle Splits:

  • Upside Down - Lay on your back with your legs spread in a straddle split. Have a partner push down on your thighs close to your hips and hold.
  • Wall split - For this, you want to do a straddle split facing a wall. When you do this split, you want to try to get as close to the wall as possible (you may need a partner to push you from behind). 

Dos and Donts


  • Put your knees over your toes in your turnout
  • Do hip opening stretches
  • Work with a partner


  • Push your feet too far back (this strains your knees)
  • Over-stretch (if your hip pops, you've gone too far)