You have probably heard the phrase "once in a blue moon" used to describe something that rarely happens, but do you know where it comes from? A blue moon is a full moon that occurs in a month that has already had a full moon (basically, two full moons in one month). This moon is not actually blue, though. The moon's color is determined by weather, so chances are, your blue moon might actually be white or yellow.

But, history aside, a blue moon is approaching! On January 31st, people around the world will be able to witness a blue moon!


That isn't the only reason January 31st is special, though. Not only will a blue moon appear, but that moon will also be a supermoon and a lunar eclipse will be taking place. Basically, all of the awesome lunar activity we wait forever to see will be happening all at once! 

People viewing the eclipse in areas west of Mississipi and in western Canada will be able to see the eclipse in its entirety, but everyone will be able to see some phases of the eclipse. Time to set reminders and get prepared to record this amazing event! If you happen to miss it though, don't worry, blue moons aren't as rare as you might think, occurring once every 32 months or so. However, you may never see all of these things happening at once again!