Works & Process at the Guggenheim will open for its Fall 2017 season September 4th to begin a fall season that is full of everything from dance to opera. There will be new pieces as well as old favorites like the Guggenheim’s Holiday Concert and the performance of Peter & The Wolf. The upcoming season will also open viewers up to interesting discussions and intuitive, never before seen visuals that bring technology and dance together.

The first performance will feature American Ballet Theatre Principal Daniil Simkin along with several other American Ballet Theatre stars. The performance, Falls the Shadow was choreographed by Alejandro Cerrudo and Simkin. The performance will bring dance and technology together to create a visual art that crosses the boundary between the digital and physical worlds. Motion sensors will be used to capture the dancers' movements and generate visuals that will be projected onto the rotunda around them. If you attend this 30-minute presentation, you will not be able to take your eyes off of the performers and the astounding visuals.


The Fall 2017 season will also include new operas, a movement inspired by the oldest song in the world, a performance celebration of The Ballet Cook Book at 50 (This performance will also be accompanied by a discussion of the book as well as a dinner featuring its recipes.), and a performance of Peter & The Wolf.

Works & Process' upcoming season will feature many well-known talents including Ryan McNamara, John Zorn, Nico Muhly, Peter Sellars, Tom Cairns and more! Each performance will be 80-minutes or less. They all make an effort to create a space of not only artistic experience but also conversation. The performances will take place in the Guggenheim's Peter B. Lewis Theater or in The Rotunda.

October will bring American Ballet Theatre previews to the Guggenheim. These evenings will be full of conversation and, of course, dance. Highlights from ABT's fall 2017 season will be performed before their upcoming premieres!