This week, JoJo Siwa is kicking off her D.R.E.A.M. Tour on the west coast before spending the next four months making her way around the country. But before she started celebrating the tour, yesterday, JoJo had to celebrate something even bigger, her sixteenth birthday!

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WOW! What a unreal night. ❤️ Opening night of D.R.E.A.M. The tour was a literal DREAM come true. I can’t explain how I feel after tonight, it’s so rewarding getting to do what I love in front of thousands of people! 🎉 To the 4800 tonight in Phoenix, AZ… thank you for a incredible night! And to the over 100 people on the D.R.E.AM. Nation CREW thank you for a incredible tour. 💕 Everyone has worked so hard to help me make my dream happen, and it 100% did! 💛 To Everyone at Nickelodeon, AEG, My Dancers, My choreographer, My Friends, My family, I love you guys. Thank you for supporting me while I live my D.R.E.A.M.!! Here is to a incredible 128 Days with some AMAZING people, all my tour family! Goodnight everyone ! 🌈 JoJo

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The Nickelodeon star dropped a brand new single (just in time for the tour!) to celebrate her sweet sixteen. The song, “Worldwide Party” is sure to be a hit when she performs it on stage. It’s practically made for dancing. But, even if you aren’t heading out to see JoJo in concert, you can join in on the “Worldwide Party” with the song’s accompanying music video, complete with a skating rink and a DJ.

For the past month, JoJo has been celebrating her birthday, throwing parties at her house, renting out Six Flags, and even celebrating it with her fans on TV with a Nickelodeon special. She even released another song last month called “It’s Time to Celebrate” also celebrating the tour and her birthday. Obviously, JoJo never wants the party to stop. And with that confetti outfit, we don’t either.