Arch Contemporary Ballet in New York City will be bringing new ballets to the world this weekend, August 11-13. Only four years old, the ballet is excited to show its audience a modern ballet using new ideas and new music alongside two of its previous works.

On August 12 at 2 PM, the company will also be putting on a modified,  autism-friendly performance as part of the company’s Arch for Autism program.

Arch Contemporary Ballet

Arch is bringing these new ideas to the Sheen Center in New York City starting Friday, August 11th with the premiere of Pointe in Motion. Pointe in Motion will be bringing dance and science together. Featuring a backdrop of ink moving slow-mo in water, this piece aims to express the fluidity of thought as we now understand it with recent advances in neuroscience. The other movements making its way into the world this weekend is Driftless Fraction, an analysis of the way personalities change based on circumstance. Arch will also be performing the romantic Hues of Memory which combines American Sign Language with contemporary dance inspired by a poem by Luis Pons as well as Replica, a striking movement about the strange way that nearly anything can be replicated in the age of technology. 

It is clear that these movements are something to be witnessed and obsessed over. They have messages that reach out to the modern world and pull us back into the classic way of the dance world that we all know and love. 

Advanced general admission tickets for these performances are $25 and VIP tickets are $35. For more information about the Arch Contemporary Ballet, this event and the performances they will be putting on this weekend, click here

Arch Contemporary Ballet

You can sponsor Arch Contemporary Ballet's Arch for Autism program which aims to help those on the autism spectrum enjoy dance and music here.