Even if you weren't alive during the early 2000s, you've probably seen this phone.


Known for being virtually indestructible by cell phone standards, this brick haunts 90s kids memes.

Know Your Meme

Apparently Nokia keeps up with those memes because they're bringing back the 3310 this year.

And the best part! It will only cost around $52!


This classic phone will come in four colors, has a standby battery of a month (yeah... we didn't charge our phones much in the early 2000s), has a radio and can play MP3s, has access to the internet, AND you can play snake on it. What more could you need?

Well... Maybe the nostalgia hasn't gotten to you yet, and you're looking at the new Nokia 3, but we're just going to sit around playing snake until we can get our hands on this thing.

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What do you think of this reboot? Let us know!