Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida has finally released the Lyft they announced at the D23 Expo last month. This car is not only another special element for Disney’s guests to enjoy, it is also a pun.

Meet the "Minnie Van"

The Minnie Van is, in fact, a custom mini van with all the charm and cuteness of the mouse it is named after. It also just like any other Lyft ride. You can request the Minni Van through through the Lyft app. But, there's a catch. This mousey vehicle is only for guests of the EPCOT resorts, the Yacht & Beach Club, and the Boardwalk Resort, and your destination must be on Disney property. All you have to do is have the front desk at one of these resorts grant you access to the Minnie Van option.

This fleet of polka-dot vans is rolling out across EPCOT, and in the future, there may even be Minnie Vans cruising Orlando as the system updates. Right now, though, there is a Minnie Van for everyone. With a flat fee of $20 (plus additional costs for things like car seats) even vehicles equipped to seat passengers of all needs, the Minnie Vans are more than just novelty cars. If you're in one of these cars, you're riding in style. 

We're so psyched just so see these vans and find out about their amazing name! Hopefully, the future holds more Disney character cars and associated puns! 🐭